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Candles Made In Colorado from Eco-friendly All Natural Coconut Wax


Creamy white coconut wax burns beautifully clean, creating a lovely, golden pool of liquid wax.  Say good-bye to black soot!

Pure radiance in label-free glass


Enjoy the clarity of firelight through a clear, heavy-weight jar that can be reused when candle has been fully consumed.

Mountain Spirited Scents


Each scent is evocative of favorite mountain settings or themes.  You don't have to BE in the mountains to enjoy the scents FROM the mountains!

Founder/Owner - Nell Schoeler


A Colorado Native and Nature Enthusiast

Living at the base of the Rockies is beautiful, magical and inspirational. Colorado Candles are created as an expression of those qualities and to share that mountain spirit in the simple luxury of an elegant candle. My love of nature was formed growing up in the playground of the majestic Colorado Rockies and I joyfully create these candles in honor of this rugged beauty.

Making candles has been an obsession of mine for many years after leaving the corporate world in 2011.  I had the good fortune to stumble upon a craft that I find immensely stimulating, therapeutic and very rewarding from a creative/artistic perspective. Candles provide such a delightful ambiance and soothing energy to any environment and I am proud to share my version of a perfectly beautiful candle.

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